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Dr. Gregory Dorris, PsyD

"I only see injured workers.
I enjoy my work, which is to help injured workers get back to theirs."


Occupational Psychology Associates

Serving injured workers for over 30 years

Workers compensation is a necessary and valuable system that nobody particularly likes: not injured workers, not employers and, in my experience, not most providers. It takes particular skill and experience to address the various needs and challenges associated with assisting an injured worker to restore themselves to a productive and fulfilling lifestyle as rapidly as possible, for the benefit of everyone involved.
The future and the path to recovery is often unclear. Therefore, I see my role is that of a coach serving to assist the injured worker increase their knowledge and skills to achieve their goals in the game of life. I also serve as a guide, having witnessed and assisted thousands of injured workers find the path forward, wherever that may lead.    Dr. Dorris
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