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audio CD: "Patient Preparation for Surgery Success!"  -  $12.00

Patients undergoing surgery often experience fear, anxiety and pain for which little assistance, other than pain medications, is usually provided. This audio CD contains information and guided instruction to allow patients to be prepared with knowledge and skills with which to manage fear, anxiety and pain. This serves to promote a speedy recovery and the best possible surgical outcome while providing an alternative to medications, all of which have negative side effects.


The education component of the CD contains detailed information into the nature of fear, anxiety and pain as well as how the function of the autonomic nervous system can either help or hinder the healing process.


The skills development component of the CD provides guided instruction in various methods of relaxation training and mindfulness meditation. These techniques are beneficial both for their effect on the autonomic nervous system and in putting the power of awareness to best use.


It is best to begin listening to this CD two weeks or so prior to surgery so that you have time to practice and develop techniques to rely on after surgery. An additional benefit to learning these techniques is that they can be used at any time to manage anxiety, stress, fear, pain and generally have a better sense of control over one's life and ability to be present to life as it comes, moment by moment.

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