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audio CD: "The Relaxation Response: three guided exercises"  -  $12.00

"Relaxation Response" is a term coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Harvard School of Medicine over 50 years ago. It is not relaxation as we normally think of it, rather it is an altered state of consciousness that has profound health benefits when done on a regular basis. Benefits include lower blood pressure and heart rate, improved sleep, reduced muscle tension and spasm, reduced pain and headache, enhanced concentration and peace of mind, among others. The relaxation response has proven therapeutic effectiveness for a wide range of medical conditions in the medical literature. If the relaxation response were available in pill form it would be hailed as a miracle drug with no negative side effects, rather multiple positive side effects!


The relaxation response occurs naturally over a few minutes whenever we (a) hold our attention on one thing only, and (b) move from actively doing to simply being. Letting go is the doorway to the relaxation response.


This CD allows you to experience the benefits of the relaxation response in your own home by following the expert guidance of psychologist Dr. Gregory Dorris. Three different guided exercises allow you to discover your personal preference of a relaxation training method. Instructions are given without music, which might distract some people. The best use of these techniques combines regular practice of one of the exercises combined and brief pauses for mini-relaxation sessions throughout the day.


Track 1, Introduction, explains the mind-body connection, the relaxation response and how it can help you.


Track 2,  Controlled Breathing, guides you through a series of gentle breathing exercises.


Track 3, Tense/Relax and Body Scan guides you through first the Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique and then through the body scan technique.


Track 4, Mindfulness Meditation  guides you through an ancient meditation technique from the Buddhist tradition.


Clinical research finds regular relaxation training effective for: chronic back and neck pain, diabetes, insomnia, fibromyalgia, Irregular heartbeat, tension headaches, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, muscle tension


Regular practice of these guided exercise can also help you to: love better, gain peace of mind, accept things the way they are, experience a deeper enjoyment of life

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